Cloud Services

We provide many schools with backup and email solutions to replace old traditional on-site methods.

There are a number of reasons why cloud computing is so widely used today.

  • Disaster recovery – Cloud services eliminate the needs for complex disaster recovery plans. Cloud computing takes care of most issues a lot faster.
  • Reduction of costs – unlike on-site hosting the price of deploying applications in the cloud can be less due to lower hardware costs from more effective use of physical resources.
  • Universal access – cloud computing can allow remotely located employees to access applications and work via the internet.
  • Up to date software – a cloud provider will also be able to upgrade software keeping in mind feedback from previous software releases.
  • Potential to be greener and more economical – the average amount of energy needed for a computational action carried out in the cloud is far less than the average amount for an on-site deployment.

Contact us today and let us help you benefit from using the cloud. It’s safe, secure and you’ll be surprised how cost-effective it really is.