Digital Signage

Digital signage, or reception information screens, refer to a way of replacing traditional printed signs with dynamic displays combining different types of media, from images to videos. Instead of static print signs and billboards, digital signage uses LCD/LED screens to disperse content and messages in the most targeted, interactive way.

Various information can be shown:

  •  Public information such as, news, weather, local information such as fire exits and travel information
  •  Internal information messages, including health & safety item, news, school trips
  •  School menus which could include pricing, images etc
  •  Advertising, often location specific and for general advertising

“Content” is anything that is designed and displayed on digital signage screens. Content may be extremely varied, and can include text, image, animation, live TV, video, audio, and interactive sources.

Typically, a display is attached to a signage player. This very small PC runs the software necessary to create bright, vibrant messages that will grab people’s attention. The system can then be updated from any PC, allowing for easy and quick updates – targeting staff and pupils in a more efficient way.

What media can the screens show?

The screens can show many kinds of media at the same time including:

  • Scrolling or static textual messages
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Live Internet news feeds
  • Animations

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